Diedrich D-50 Turbo Track Unit

Latest technology with low-maintenance and high reliability. Environmental Soil Probe System, Series II (ESP).

D-50 Specifications:

  • Drilling Torque: 4316-8657 ft. lbs.
  • Drilling Clearance with Mast Up: 20' 6"
  • Low Overhead Clearance: 12' 5"
  • Front Winch: 20,000 lbs.
  • Width/Length: 7' 7" by 15' 6-3/4"
  • Ground Pressure: 3.2 to 3.8 psi

The track carrier uses the latest in hydrostatic drive technology resulting in a carrier with low maintenance and high reliability.
The heavy duty tracks are 234 inches wide heavily reinforced rubber. The ground clearance is 16 inches throughout the carrier for easy traveling through mud, snow, sand, steep slopes and wooded areas. This unit uses two-speed motors, which enable the rig to negotiate a 75% grade (with the 125 HP engine) in low range and travel at 5.9 MPH in high range.

ESP Specifications:
  • The ESP Series II system allows you to utilize your drill for maximum equipment efficiency. Adapts to most drill rigs.
  • The hydraulically operated hammer system is designed to penetrate very stiff/medium dense soil formations. The hammer is built with only two moving parts to provide the increased productivity you want and the reliability you need.
  • Special thread design for hard, abusive, direct push use. The double rod system follows standard operating procedures common to the drilling industry.
  • Drill rig adaptation offers easy change over to auger or rotary to drill past obstructions.
  • Soil sampling is accomplished with split barrel (1" ID) or solid tube (1-1/2" ID) samplers, which operate with or without liners. Liners are available in clear Butyrate Plastic, Brass or Stainless Steel. Sample Baskets are available.
  • Water samplers, discrete and general, bailers, peristaltic or vacuum pumps, or ball agitation are available for sample collection. Bailers are available for inner rods and outer casing in stainless and plastic.
  • Also available are manual grout pumps and hydraulic or battery-powered mixers for proper grouting of the bore hole.
  • The double rod system provides a groutable bore hole that can be properly backfilled using slurry or dry materials. The correct method of backfilling is from the bottom up. The tremmi method is available for slurries. Always leave the site the same or better than you found it.
  • This driller friendly system uses standard controls, and is simple to operate. Double rod system provides quick retrieval of samples using high speed winch lines to handle tools. The tubing is available in 2.0', 3.0' and 4.0'. Double rod system offers little chance for sloughing of soils or cross contamination through the borehole. The sampler only contacts the soil at the point of entry into the shoe.
  • Conventional split spoon sampling technology offers quick and easy sample handling. The 24" length provides optimum sampling span for good sample recovery and uniform spacing for accurate depth control.
  • ESP offers easy pavement penetration through asphalt or concrete.
  • Soil gas sampling points with implants in 6.0" and 12.0" extendable lengths offered for maximum flexibility. 12 volt electric powered vacuum pump can be supplied.
  • Disposable point system in inner rods and outer casing for installation of monitor wells to 1.0" ID.
  • Easy tool interchange using spanner wrenches.
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