2011 45C/300M Carrier Track Unit

Conventional and hollow stem auger to depths of 75 -150 ft. Capabilities to auger up to a 12in. diameter hole. Core to 500 ft. with NW rods.

Rotary Drive Specifications:

  • 10 in diameter truck type clutch
  • Transmission — 4 speed forward, 1 speed reverse, mounted on drill frame and is stationary with respect to the vertical movement of the drive head
  • Maximum gross torque of drive head is 5000 ft. lbs.
  • Rotational speed ranges from 35 RPM in first gear o 455 RPM in fourth gear at 2,400 engine RPM.
  • Rotary Chain Case is stationary with respect to drive head travel. Chain size is 1-1/4in.
  • Final Drive Member — 1-3/4in. square alloy steel bar with universal joint and 1-5/8in hexagon socket.

Vertical Drive Specifications:

  • 68 in. stroke
  • Two feed cylinders are located on an axis through the drive head. Hydraulic cylinders have an ID of 2-1/2in and a piston rod diameter of 1-3/8in
  • Maximum ram pressure of 16,690 lbs. up and 11,650 lbs. down
  • Maximum feed rate of 45 ft/min up and 64 ft/min down at 2,400 engine RPM
  • Gear type hydraulic pump, up to 2,000 PSI, 23 GPM
  • Hydraulic controls are furnished for varying the feed rate and pressure for core drilling

Hydraulic Hoists (2)

  • 3,200 lb. Hydraulic hoist: A single hydraulic lever controls forward rotation, reverse rotation, and speed. Maximum line speed is 85 ft/min with a pulling capacity of 3,200 lbs.
  • 1,800 lb Hydraulic hoist: A single hydraulic lever controls forward rotation, reverse rotation, and speed. Maximum line speed is 170 ft/min with a pulling capacity of 1,800 lbs.

Hydraulic Winch for pulling drill — 12,000 lb.

  • A single hydraulic lever controls forward rotation, reverse rotation and speed
  • Pulling capacity is 12,000 lbs
  • Maximum line speed is 40 ft/min
  • Assembly includes a transmission with 4 speed ranges

In-Out Hydraulic Slide Base is hydraulically operated with a 15 in. movement and is powered by a double acting hydraulic cylinder.

Moyno 3L6 Water pump assembly is hydraulically powered from the drill hydraulic system. Infinite speed control not affected by engine RPM is provided to vary the volume of the pump. Controls for the operation of the pump are mounted on the control panel.

140 lb Automatic SPT Hammer System is hydraulic and lifts a 140 lb weight 30 inches and completely releases the weight for a 30 in free fall. No rope or cable is attached to the weight that might impede its fall. The system has a rate of 50 blows per minute. The tolerance of the fall height is within plus or minus ½ inch. The hammer is mounted on a hydraulic cylinder attached to the drill so that it can easily swing from stored position to an on-hole position. It is hydraulically raised and lowered by a hydraulic cylinder.

Angle Drilling capability is provided by a direct permanent coupled drive. Quick disconnecting telescoping braces rigidly support the upright rotary frame and mast from vertical to 30 degrees above horizontal. Two double-acting hydraulic cylinders raise and lower the rotary frame and mast. Auger and rod guides for angle drilling are available. Supporting members telescope inside the rotary frame tubing and pins secure the telescoping members in a stored position or at the desired extension.

This unit is equipped with a state of the art, revolutionary spindle brake kill switch. This will allow the unit to shut down the auger rotation in less than one rotation! This function can be activated by two conveniently located push button switches, as well as by strategically located multi-directional wobble.
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