2007 Acker Renegade

The newest generation in Acker's drill rig line. Designed for multipurpose operations at economical drilling costs.


  • 97 H.R Deutz Diesel Engine
  • 8 Speed Transmission (8,000 ft. tb. Torque - RPMS to 1000)
  • 6' Stroke With 15,000 tbs. TNUstW
  • Caterpillar Rubber Tracks
  • Radio Remote Controlled
  • Vertical or Angle Hole Drilling to 45 degrees


  • Diesel Power Unit:  Deutz BF4L-914, four (4) cylinder, air-cooled 97 HP @ 2,300 RPM, 12 volt electric cold starting system.
  • Feed Mechanism:  Consists of double acting chain drive mechanism connected to a hydraulic cylinder with 6'-0" stroke and capable of 16,000 pounds upward thrust and 16,000 pounds pull down. Feed speeds are 0-40 FPM up and down. (Optional 11ft. Stroke)
  • Drill Drive:  Taken from prime mover through a variable volume over center piston pumps and tandem fixed volume pump.
  • Drill Head 8-Speed Hydraulic:  4-5/8" Spindle bore, accepts all rod and casing up to "P" wireline or "H" casing. Eight (8) infinitely variable speeds in forward and reverse. Hydraulicalty operated "slide type" drillhead provides clearance for tool handling.
RPM @ ft/lbs. torque:
Gear Lo-Range Hi-Range
First 0-54 @ 8,000 0-157 @ 2,731
Second 0-109 @ 3,949 0-319 @ 1,359
Third 0-194 @ 2,234 0-565 @ 769
Fourth 0-339 @ 1,266 0-1,000 @ 436

Mast: Constructed of welded structural steel. Supports and guides the rotation and feed components. Positioned with two (2) hydraulic cylinders and rigidly held in the vertical position for drilling and is lowered to the travel position for moving from hole to hole and allows for 10' rod pulls. Mast mounting allows for angle drilling as well as 90° vertical. Also includes mast dump up to 60". Includes crown block with sheaves.
Drill Frame: All welded steel construction and mounted on the slide base. Supports the power unit, mast, control panel, winches and cathead.
Auger Guide: Specify size of augers.
Controls: All controls are grouped together in a convenient Panel located at the left rear of the machine and facing the rear.
Mounting: The entire drill is mounted on a structural steel frame and propelled by Caterpillar rubber crawler tracks with independent reversible 2-speed hydraulic motor drives. The track drive is operated with a radio remote control system with a wired back-up control. Ground bearing pressure, 100% gradability, and has 13" of ground clearance.
Cathead Cargo Type Hoist: Hydraulically Powered cargo type hoist.
Main Drum: Hydraulically Powered, 6,000 lb. planetary type with 75' of 3/8" cable, 8,000 lbs.
Quick Disconnect Adapter: Option A: U-Joint type for augers, 1 5/8" hex or 2" hex.
Option B: Rigid type for rod/casing, (specify size)
2" Swivel:  For air, mud, or water. Attaches directly to the top of the spindle.
Hand Chuck:  Three (3) jaw quick-disconnect hand chuck with one (1) set of jaws. Mounts on the drill spindle.
Ackermatic Hydraulic Chuck Assembly: 5" size handles all rod and casing up to "P" wireline and "H" casing. Assembly includes one set of five double row carbide insert jaws, when purchased with complete package. (Jaws must be changed for each size drill rod or casing.)
Water Pump(s): Option A: Moyno Type 3L6 or equal 27 GPM ©225 PSI
Option B: FMC (John Bean) L0918 (420) 20 GPM up to 700 PSI
Option C: FMC (John Bean) E0413C Foam Pump 14 GPM up to 600 PSI
2,500 Lb. Auxiliary Winch: Supplied with 75 feet of 5/16" cable.
Wireline Hoist: Hydraulically powered. Supplied with 1,000 feet of 3/16" cable. Lifting capacity is 800 lbs.
Automatic Hammer: Hydraulically operated "SPT" 140 pound automatic hammer. (Meets ASTM-D-1586-99 requirements)
Hydraulic Leveling Jacks: Two front and two rear mounted hydraulic leveling jacks with 36" stroke and lock check valves.
Tool Box(s): Provides approximately 7.0 cubic feet of lockable storage.
Rod Clamp Assembly: Two opposing hydraulic cylinders facilitate rod and casing up to 4-1/2" diameter.
Breakout Wrench: Hydraulically operated cylinder mounted to a wrench provides 1 "-6" diameter capacity to break drill rod.
Front Winch: Hydraulically driven, front mounted winch. (20,000 Ib. capacity) Capable of operating in conjunction with tracks.
Water Tank:  All welded construction with drain valve, baffles and filler. Capacity 160 gallon. (Stainless Steel is also available)
Rod Storage: Side mounted as space allows for 10' lengths of rod and casing.
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